ABC wants new regulations for private club sign-ins

FAULKNER COUNTY (KATV)--Outdated is what the Alcohol Beverage Council calls the current way private clubs keep track of their members.

Dry counties require clubs to have a log-book, to keep track of members coming in and out of their club, but the old fashioned signature on that book is what ABC hopes to do away.

Business owners in 37 counties could soon have a new way of keeping records.

Right now, there's no real way of keeping track of those members.

ABC officials said, some clubs don't even have a signature log book, until they find out ABC is in town.

One private club employee even said, more often than not, people are signing fake names; some that might make you chuckle.

"Batman and Robin, Seemore Butts, that's probably the funniest one," said Kayla Harrell, The Draft Assistant General Manager.

From funny names, to cat face, private clubs in dry counties have seen it all.

"Very creative, it's funny to go back and look, but it also reminds you that people aren't sticking with it, and therefore we aren't doing our job as a private liquor licensed club, said Harrell.

"To go in there and sign the book and do those things, it's just kind of become outdated," added Michael Langley, ABC Director

Currently members all they have to do is come in, show their IDs, and sign the membership guest book, but soon that could all change.

It now might be up to the club to sign you in.

"It's easier to present your ID card or your drivers' license, let them swipe it, if you're not a member yet, your driver's license will generally fill out the application for you, then they'll issue you a card, or will pair you up with an online list and make sure you're checked in," said Langley.

These rules and regulation changes are still awaiting review from the legislature.

ABC officials hope the new system kicks-in before this summer.

Business will not have to spend money on new computer systems, the ABC will only require clubs to follow the new changes, which includes having an updated list daily.