Absolute Irrigation Update

This summer we introduced you to a pair of homeowners who hired the same landscaping company and got the same infuriating result: money paid but little in return.

We wanted to take a look to see if the contractor in question has kept his word regarding repaying his former customers.

Tricia Loveless spent $1,700.00 towards an underground sprinkler system so that she wouldn't have to do drag hoses across her yard all summer in an effort to keep her grass alive.

She paid Tommy Bradbury and his company, Absolute Landscaping.

Bradbury told us back in August he had fallen on hard times, was no longer in the landscaping business, and planned on making things right with his customers.

A long, hot summer has taken its toll on parts of this yardsome parts worse than others. When we visited back in the summer Mr. Bradbury pledged to us that by now he would have begun repaying Ms. Loveless some of her money.

"I haven't gotten any money," says Loveless. "I've called him about two or three times and left him voice mails but he never calls me back."

"So you have never even heard from him?"

"Nope," says Loveless. 'Not a thing."

Loveless is now saving up and hopes to hire somebody else to put in a system to irrigate her Conway yard. And she still hopes Tommy Bradbury will repay her so she can use that money.

"I really trusted him you know and he seemed real reliable," recalls Loveless. "I wish he would prove that he is, you know? And pay off the people that he has ripped off."

We also re-contacted a Little Rock man who is expecting to be repaid some money.

He also reports he has yet to hear from Tommy Bradbury or get back any money.

Air date: November 22ND, 2012