Academic standards extra incentive to Bielema's contract

One of the surprising things on Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema's contract, is how he'll be rewarded if his team is competitive off the field.

If you compare incentives from Bobby Petrino's contract to Bielema's, they'll look pretty similar. However, there's was one thing missing in Petrino's that showed up in the one for the Hogs new coach, and it all centers around building true student-athletes.

"Obviously, there's a lot of young men out there in the United States that can play good football, but they have to fit in the ideas, and the beliefs and the system itself of Arkansas academically," Biemela said during his opening press conference as Arkansas' new head coach.

If he finds those players and gets them on The Hill, he could be looking at an extra $200,000 each year for how the Hogs fare in class.

Terms of his contract reward Bielema for his team's Academic Performance Rate (APR) and Graduation Success Rate (GSR), which could be a given if you look at the coach's track record.

Since he took over as the Wisconsin head coach in 2006, only once did his team have an APR rating below 950.

A mere 940 at Arkansas lands him an extra $25,000 on his contract.

As for Razorback football in that same time, the team never reached 940.

Regarding graduation rates, Bielema is set to get $25,000 for ever additional 5% for 60-75% of his players graduating.

Records from the past five seasons show Bielemas' teams never had a GSR 63%.

Meanwhile, Arkansas' highest during that same period was only 56%.

"If you don't have the right dog in the race, you're not going to win it," Bielema added during his Wednesday press conference.

He'll hope to get those dogs running, because a top notch academic team could bring in just as much cash, or more than winning an SEC Championship.

The state's finance and admin department told us a little more than $173,000 of Bielema's $3.2 million annual salary will come from state funding. However, it could be up to more than $200,000 if the university chooses to implement a line item maximum, which would increase the salary by 25%.