Accused killer's boss says Judge's sentence indirectly led to death

Investigators continue to search a section of the Ouachita national forest for the body of Connie Snow, 49. Federal authorities say Randy Gay of Mountain Pine killed Snow on Tuesday night and then dumped the body in the forest.

One of gay's former employer's tells channel 7 that Snow would still be alive if not for a judge's lenient sentence. Randy gay has already been convicted for two murders--one in 1978 and the other in the early nineties, and just three years ago he was convicted of terroristic threatening after he told his former boss he planned to kill him.

Gay was sentenced to twelve years for that last charge--but here is the catch--the sentence was suspended by judge Homer Wright so Gay never had to serve the time.

John Ward who was the victim of Gay's threats back in 2008 says it was ridiculous to give a two time killer a suspended sentence--and he feels snow's death was a result of Judge Wright's mistake. "He was convicted of terroristic threats after killing two people--he should have been locked up." Ward says, "He shouldn't have been back out on the streets."

We spoke with Judge Wright on the phone but he says it would be inappropriate for him to comment until the latest charge against Gay is resolved.