Adam Brown statue to go up in Hot Springs

Hot Springs (KATV) - A statue of one of Hot Springs' most inspirational heroes will soon be erected in his hometown. The Veterans Memorial of Garland County is looking to raise money for a copper statue of fallen SEAL Team Six member Adam Brown. A sculptor out of Florida read "Fearless", the New York Times best selling book about Adam's life. That sculptor reached out to Adam's family and the Veterans Memorial of Garland County to put an 8-foot $50,000 bronze statue of Adam Brown in Hot Springs. One of Adam's childhood friends, Chris Dunkel, remembers growing up with Adam. "He had no fear of going up against everybody," said Dunkel, remembering his football days with Adam at Lake Hamilton High. Dunkel gave Adam a job at a Hot Springs barbeque restaurant once he came back from rehab. Adam suffered an addiction to alcohol and drugs. That addiction wouldn't stop Adam from becoming a Navy SEAL. While enlisted, Adam would lose sight in one of his eyes and feeling in his right hand from two different accidents. Two injures that would normally end someone's deployment, but not Adam's. Adam relearned how to shoot with his non-dominant eye and stayed a SEAL. On March 17, 2010, life for Adam's friends and family would change as they know it when they found out Adam was killed in the mountains of Afghanistan. Since then, West coast author Eric Blehm wrote Adam's life story in the book "Fearless". Relativity Media is planning to turn that book into a movie. And now Morris Cash, Chairman for the Veterans Memorial of Garland County, will head fundraising for Adam's statue. "I think we've done the right thing. We've honored the veterans of Garland County," said Morris Cash. "Adam Brown's statue is the epitome of that." Contact Morris Cash to donate to Adam Brown's statue at Donate to The Adam Brown Legacy Fund at