AFC Pilot, Jake Harrell returned home

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(Source:AFC Press Release) To honor the life of service and wonderful memory of Jake Harrell,a BraydenHarrell Scholarship Fund has been set up for Jake andJaime's son. This fund is open at all Simmons First National Bank andMetropolitan Bank locations. Donations can be taken to any of those banks;individuals should reference the fund by name to contribute.

KATV Feb.11: Plane of missingAR Forestry Pilot Jake Harrell found

Funeralarrangements for Jake have been coordinated for Saturday, February 15that the First Assembly of God Church in North Little Rock at 4501 Burrow Road.Services will be held at 10:00 a.m. Visitation will take place at the samelocation, tomorrow from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

"Wewill do all that we can to honor our brother and friend in the days to follow.We cannot begin to thank so many responsible for helping us bring him home. Westand in absolute gratitude and thanks to our partners and friends who havesupported us through this incident," says Billy Black, Incident Commander andAFC Law Enforcement Officer.

KATV Feb. 3: Pastor of missing pilot is ready to join search efforts

Thedown plane that Jake piloted on Friday, January 31st remains inMontgomery County - at a location 26 miles away from his last check-in point.From a state highway, this location is three miles into a heavily forestedarea, where a road had to be constructed by AFC and U.S. Forest Service crewsvia dozers and chainsaws.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and theNational Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are now at the scene to complete afull examination of the area and aircraft. Montgomery County Law Enforcementwill be working with these organizations to wrap up all official sceneinvestigation. No other details about the site or flight will be availableuntil both of these investigations are complete.{}

Theplane carrying missing AFC pilot, Jake Harrell, was discovered Tuesday at 4:05p.m. by a Civil Air Patrol plane. This sighting was confirmed by a State Policehelicopter. Moments later, a National Guard helicopter also confirmed thesighting and lowered a Guardsman. This Guardsman confirmed that deceasedremains were inside the aircraft.

Some hours later, after a road wasconstructed, Jake's remains were carried from the mountainside by a NationalGuard Black Hawk helicopter to the Mena Airport. He received the welcome of atrue Fallen Hero, and was then escorted back to Little Rock by the North LittleRock Police Department Honor Guard and AFC Law Enforcement officials. The pathwas lined by countless fire departments from Montgomery County all the way toPulaski County - standing to honor Jake's journey back to his home.

KATV Feb. 12: UPDATE:Body of AFC Pilot, Jake Harrell recovered

TheUnified Command structure that has carried this mission since its beginning hasremained strong, undivided, and dedicated. The AFC can never repay in full theendless support received {}from partners, friends, volunteers, citizens,and others throughout this effort. Though we can never mention and thankeveryone, the following partners have been vital to this operation: statewideArkansas Forestry Commission crews, U.S. Forest Service, Polk, Scott, andMontgomery County Law Enforcement, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, ArkansasNational Guard, Civil Air Patrol, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Department ofEmergency Management, Arkansas Geographic Information office, local volunteerfire departments, volunteers across Arkansas that offered to assist in searchefforts every day, local residents willing to provide information about planesightings, the Red Cross, and the National Weather Service. We will foreverremain in humble gratitude and thanks to all of you.