Affidavit: Mother charged with manslaughter, 'recklessly caused the death' of infant son

UPDATE:10 month old Harper Floyd and his father Brian were found dead near Blue Mountain Lake last week. Tuesday, Brook Floyd, the mother of Harper and wife to Brian was charged with manslaughter. The affidavit says that a bruised Brooke Floyd was found Friday, July 25th in the woods near the Ouachita National Forest. Floyd told authorities in the affidavit, her family left the house around 1 A.M. because, "They were afraid people around their house were trying to harm them." Later in the conversation with authorities, Floyd's story changed saying the family left their home between noon and 1 P.M., the day before. "She certainly does confess to drug use and that's something they're going to have to address in this case," said Brooke's defense attorney Bill James. The affidavit states that Brooke "Did not show any emotion and did not appear to be frantic or even openly concerned about the baby's well-being." The affidavit states family told investigators that Brian Floyd had purchased a firearm earlier in the week because he was "afraid of people that he believed were out to get him." On Monday, July 28th Brooke told authorities that she and Brian had been using meth, and much of what she said about being chased was from hallucinations. Later that day, the affidavit states that when authorities found the family truck, they found a magazine with several round matching the type of gun Brian bought. Around 1:50 P.M. on July 29th, searchers found the body of Harper Floyd half a mile from where the truck was found. At 3:20 P.M., the body of Brian Floyd was found around a tenth of a mile from where Harper was found. "There is nothing to indicate that she did no harm to the child," Said James. The preliminary autopsy results show Harper Floyd died from exposure and abandonment. The death is listed as a homicide. Bill James tells KATV that Floyd turned herself in but was released on bond. She is also facing a charge of child endangerment.A Greenwood mother faces new charges one week after her 10-month-old son and husband were found dead near Blue Mountain Lake.According to the affidavit that came out Tuesday afternoon, 21-year-old Floyd was charged with manslaughter - a class C felony - and a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a minor. The affidavit states that Floyd "recklessly caused the death of another person" and that she "purposefully engaged in conduct creating a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury to a minor". Before the family went missing, Floyd told authorities she felt she was in danger. So the family got into their truck and headed to the Blue Mountain Lake area.Floyd was found the next day in a ditch, and the affidavit states she told police she thought the baby was going to die because he stopped breathing. She stated that her husband was hallucinating.But then on July 28, the day authorities found the family's truck, Floyd said it was actually her husband that attacked her and the baby.According to Floyd's attorney Bill James, "There's nothing in the affidavit that indicates that she did anything to harm the child. The best inference you can get out of there is she...there was some type of neglect, abandonment on her part in that regard. There's nothing to indicate that they even believe that she did anything to cause harm to the child."The autopsy report shows her son Harper died of exposure and abandonment.Floyd was arrested Tuesday and released on the same bond form from last week. Her attorney says she will plead not guilty.
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