Aftermath of the Majestic Hotel fire

HOT SPRINGS (KATV)--UPDATE: Shortly after 6 p.m. crews began demolition on the Majestic Hotel, starting with the back walls of the hotel.

{}A fire that has torn through the old Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs for the past 24 hours spells the end to a 132 year Spa City landmark.

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Fire crews have been here all day monitoring the building. Still no cause on the fire, and it could be a while before they have that because crews are still just trying to make sure that the fire doesn't start back up. Once it's safe, demolition of this historic building is set to take place.

It's one of the oldest buildings in Spa City, {}but these five acres of hotel property will soon have one less building standing.

"Looking at knocking the building down at some point, again I don't know if that will be starting today or tomorrow, but I do know they're bringing in some heavy equipment to do that," said Hot Springs Police Corporal McCrary Means.

Crews were called to Majestic around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday. Fire officials say it started on the 5th floor, spread to the 4th and parts of the third.

There was no gas or electricity feed to this hotel that closed back in 2006, but crews did shut off gas supply near the hotel for safety. On Friday, Entergy crews also cut electrical lines in front of the building.

"They don't want the structure to fall on those lines, and then some other type of incident occur, so they're going to start on the back side to bring the building down," said Means.

Aerial shots show the aftermath, a fire that burned for hours and partially collapsing the back wall of the hotel; leaving nothing but dust and history left to crumble.

Some business owners and city leaders are expected to meet sometime soon to discuss the future of downtown.

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