A.G. lawsuit in the cards

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -The Attorney General says the marketers of worthless ID's in Arkansas need to stop...and he's filing suit in an effort to make that happen. Tonight we have a look at who has been buying these fake ID's and how much they cost.It's not high school or college students who are paying the $70.00 for these ID cards. It appears that the target market is Latinos. You'll find the ads in Spanish language newspapers: ID cards that are valid for four years, legally issued and legally required, available to both residents and non-residents.Jim DePriest is an Assistant Attorney with the Arkansas Attorney General's Office. DePriest says since 2009 about 1,200 of these cards have been sold in Arkansas."We have not gained the identities of the 1,200 consumers but from one vendor we gained a list," says DePriest. "And if I can base my opinion on surnames then it would appear that most are Hispanic."Connecticut-based Ameracard Enterprises offers kits to vendors who want to market and sell the ID cards in Arkansas. The IDs may look fairly authentic. But a lawsuit against Ameracard filed by the Arkansas Attorney General argues the cards are deceptive, have no authority and therefore have no value. "Well we want restitution for affected consumers," says DePriest. "The cost of the card was $70.00 which individually is not a lot of money but it is $70.00 the consumers should not have spent. They didn't get anything of value for the $70.00. So we want the money back for them."The lawsuit also seeks financial penalties for Ameracard for alleged violations of the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and hopes to shut down the companies business activities in Arkansas. Air date: August 25th, 2014