UPDATE: Arrested again Friday, AG McDaniel's former lover arrested on a theft charge

*UPDATE: Garland County Sheriff's Office confirms that Andi Davis was arrested again on Friday with another charge of theft by receiving. She bonded out again Friday night. No further information is available at this time.

HOT SPRINGS (KATV)--Legal troubles are brewing for a Garland County Attorney after she's allegedly involved with receiving a stolen trailer.

Attorney Andi Davis, also known as Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's former mistress was arrested today.

Davis did post bail earlier today, according to police records she claims that one month ago a man dropped two cargo type trailers at her residence.

However, following this investigation, the Garland County Sheriff's records state that Davis had never contacted investigators to check if the trailers were stolen.

She's now facing one count of theft by receiving for possessing keys to one of the trailers.

Andi Davis' Attorney, Jeff Rosenzweig issued this statement:

"The charge is ill-founded and wrong. The sheriff's office did not disclose exculpatory information to which their attention had been directed. We are confident that when all the facts come out, that Andi will be exonerated."

However, according to a former client of hers, this isn't the only problem Davis' is involved with.

"Got a call from her assistant says she's going to be shutting up her doors, coming off my case, and she was broke.. wouldn't be able to pay me back the money I paid her so I don't know what I'm going to do now," said former client, Ron Swanson.

Swanson said, he was shocked when he was told that he would never again see the $1,500 he had given her for a custody case, and had he known she would be facing other legal troubles he would have never hired her.

"It hurts, because this is about my daughter that's the number one thing, just trying to be in my daughter's life and she made promises she couldn't keep," added Swanson.

Swanson plans to take legal action. Davis' lawyer says he's not aware of this case and wasn't aware of any formal closing of Davis' law firm.

She'll be back in court on January 28th.