AG sues chiropractic runners

It is common for letters from lawyers to flood the mailboxes of those involved in motor vehicle accidents. But it's a different kind of post-accident solicitation that has the attention of the state's top attorney. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel filed suit against four runners Monday.

McDaniel said the tactics being used by some runners working for chiropractors go far beyond a letter in your mailbox. Channel 7 visited 20 Leeward Court in Maumelle home looking for Roger Pleasant, hoping to hear what he has to say about being sued by the attorney general. No one was home. We also visited the office at 2725 Cantrell Road that Roger Pleasant shares with his son Roderick and two other men, brothers Jimmy and Brian Hinton. Again, no one was there.All four men are being sued for making false claims, using false identities and badgering accident victims, all in an alleged effort to get them to visit a chiropractor. "All they really represented and all they really care about are the kick backs that they would receive form a chiropractor who may be involved in the scheme," says McDaniel.Runners must register with the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. According to the organization's web site, only chiropractors Heath Lenox and Daniel Morris were using the services of the four accused. However the board says it is looking at three other chiropractors who might have been: Chris Cathey, Brad Chambers and Mark Varley.Messages left for Cathey and Chambers were not returned. Both use runners. Varley uses several other runners but his attorney says he did not use the four being sued by McDaniel."They, the runners, are receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of $300.00 to $500.00 per victim as compensation for directing them to that clinic," says McDaniel. "It's beyond conception that the chiropractor is not orchestrating the scheme."According to the ASBCE web site, there are more than two dozen chiropractors that use runners to recruit patients. Messages left for the four runners being sued by McDaniel have not been returned. Air date: June 23rd, 2014