AHTD says snow storm was unique, asking drivers to stay off roads

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -{}Road conditions have improved dramatically since Friday night's snow which forced more than a hundred drivers{}Across central Arkansas to leave their cars behind and walk home.

You may have felt helpless{}that night{}if you sat in your car stranded with no where to go but{}clean up crews say there's lot you can do to help get the state's side streets clean and driveable.

"Me and my friend went out to eat and it wasn't snowing when we were in the restaurant but as soon as we came out there was snow everywhere," said Ashley Hall, a driver.

For Arkansans inches of snowfall is a rare thing and a beauty to appreciate.

"You couldn't see the roads at all. It was like just a prayer. Like oh my gosh I hope I make it home," she said.

But last night that appreciation quickly turned into fear as thousands of drivers across the state began struggling to maintain control of their cars.

"[As] soon as we stepped out of our car, cars just started slamming into each other. I was like oh my gosh it was scary!" said Hall.

Officials say it was like the perfect storm.

"What made this a little bit of a challenge was time of day, day of week," said Danny Straessle with Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.

It looked like a regular Friday night with tons of cars and tons of snow.

"One of the things that we ran into with this event was just the shear number of vehicles that were still out on the roads as late as 8, 9 and ten o' clock during a pretty significant snow storm," said Mark Jacobi with Little Rock Public Works.

So officials are asking you to stay off the roads if at all possible, but go get your car if you abandoned it on a local street. It'll make things much easier for everyone.

"It would be nice to have them out of the way though. It makes it easier for our equipment to get around," said Jacobi.

The highway department says if your car is on the highway wait until Sunday afternoon to retrieve it. And if your car was blocking a roadway it's likely already been towed. But until then look out for black ice on the roads if you must go out.