AHTD to hold Public Involvement Meeting

(KATV) The Arkansas Highwayand Transportation Department (AHTD) has approved designs to improve trafficflow on the I-30/ I-430 Interchange. Today, February 28, from 4-7 p.m. they'llbe on hand to answer questions and explain the design.

The open house willin the AHTD auditorium at 10324 Interstate 30 in Little Rock. The designs will be available to view.

About 100,000 carsdrive through the I-30/ 430 interchange daily. During morning and evening rushhour it gets congested.

Here is the proposal:

An additional lanefor the southbound 1-430 to westbound I-30 ramp.

New ramps between theI-30 frontage road and I-430.

An additional travellane on I-430 from Stagecoach Road into the interchange.

The Otter Creek exitwill be relocated to the east side of the interchange.

The improvements willstart in 1 to 2 years.

All this was in theworks before the Bass Pro Shop and outlet mall were approved. For that story,click here. The 60 acre facility has already broken ground off the Otter Creekexit. The highway upgrades will help traffic to the shops. The Bass Pro Shop isexpected to be finished by November 2013. The outlet mall will be ready 6months to a year after that.