Aid requested as Arkansas flooding continues

BRINKLEY (KATV)--More than two feet of water still surrounds homes and crop lands in eastern Arkansas, a week after heavy flooding began there. Earlier today a meeting was held to let residents in the Brinkley area know that requests for assistance have been sent in. U.S. Congressman Representative Rick Crawford, and State Senator Ronald Caldwell came and spoke with residents. Crawford said that Governor Mike Beebe has requested assistance to provide emergency loans to farmers. Some have to use boats to get to and from their homes. Parts of South Hazel Street are up to three feet under water. It was one week ago when more than 8 inches of rain fell in a short period of time in Monroe, St. Francis and Woodruff Counties. Now residents like Timothy Harvey have to travel by boat to get home. "This is the worst I've ever seen it in 40 years, normally the water recedes in about a day to two days," said Harvey. As we continue further by boat, the stench of fish and garbage lingers in Brinkley. "Not just an inconvenience, but now we're seeing that there is garbage in the water, we got things that aren't supposed to be here and that's causing a real problem," Harvey added. Residents in this area blame this farmer's levee located on Highway 238, they say it's blocking the water from flowing out of their neighborhood. "We're just asking the farmers to allow it to get out of our houses before they start pumping, and if it could to a reasonable level, that's all we are asking," said Harvey. "We're not asking a whole lot, we're asking everybody to share the losses." As far as the levees blocking the water from flowing, that's according to residents who say it's either the farm fields get flooded or their homes remain flooded.

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