Air marshals, flight attendants ask TSA to reconsider allowing small knives on planes

Federal air marshals andflight attendants are angry about the Transportation Security Administration'sdecision to allow small pocketknives back in aircraft cabins.

"It's going to createpassenger confusion," said Veda Shook, International President of theAssociation of Flight Attendants. "It's also going to bring a weapon onboardand we're there to protect passengers each and every day. It doesn't makeany sense to allow knives aboard aircraft."

Air travelers willalso be allowed to bring billiard cues, ski poles, hockey and lacrosse sticksand golf clubs into aircraft cabins as carry-on baggage.

TSA says it is all about risk assessment. Every month at the 20largest airports four tons of knives are confiscated.

The head of the TSA toldairline officials he wants to concentrate on what really worries him -explosives - especially the liquid explosives which are difficult to detect.

Both the federal air marshals and flightattendants say they will ask the agency to reconsider the policy.