Air-On Owner In Jail

BENTON (KATV) -Earlier this month we told you about a number of complaints against a Benton heating and air conditioning company.Those complaints are still being investigated...but some new complaints have cost the company's owner a few nights of freedom. The misfortune that customers of "Air On" Heating and Air say Aaron Halpain has brought on starting to come back on him.Last week Michael Aaron Halpain was arrested on a hot check warrant out of Sherwood. Police say he wrote a hot check of over $1,000.00 to Ed's Supply Company in Little Rock. He's due back in court August 7th.On Monday Halpain was arrested and jailed in Saline county. Police there also allege he has been passing hot checks...this time totaling over $1,500.00.Halpain appeared from the jail before District Judge Mike Robinson via a closed video feed. Because Halpain has no criminal convictions he was released on his own recognizance and expected to show back up for court on October 23rd for plea and arraignment. Meanwhile, five complaints have been filed with the state's HVAC board against Halpain's business...Air On. The complaints involve poor installs, misrepresentations of unit sizes and ages and operating without a license.And those investigations are now complete. A hearing will be held in September where the investigative findings will be presented and where Halpain will have the opportunity to share his side of things.Air date: July 23rd, 2014