Alex Collins signs letter of intent, mother hires legal team

An official signature marks the Razorbacks 23rd, and likely final signee of the recruiting period, but it didn't come without a dramatic setting.

Everything was set on Wednesday: the paper, the pen and the Hog hat.

Then, that letter of intent went missing and Collins later learned it was stolen by of all people, his mother.

Collins, a highly recruited running back from Plantation, Fla. excited Razorback fans with his announcement to sign earlier this week.

When the day he and coaches had all been waiting for, his mother stole the spotlight. Although Collins signed on the dotted line Thursday, she claims it's not over yet.

"I respect that and I still love my mom," Collins told reporters Thursday. "Everyone else probably seen it as her like taking it, it was nothing like that."

Collins was all smiles after throwing on the Hog hat at his second signing day Thursday. It didn't however, come without him becoming center of attention nationally and not for his football skills.

"I didn't think about going anywhere else because I had my mind set this is where I wanted to go. I just talked to my mom, I explained myself, and we have a better understanding," Collins added.

Or do they? Collins mother Andrea McDonald has signed papers of her own; with The Cochran Firm.

Thursday it released this statement on her behalf:

"She is a loving and caring mother who only wants her son to choose a university without any outside and inappropriate influences.{} Ms. McDonald hopes all NCAA rules and regulations were followed during today's signing."

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema offered he has nothing to hide in the recruitment of Collins, who also visited the new Hog coach while he was at Wisconsin.

"I know that she had kind of thrown that scenario out there and I'm confident in what myself, my coaches, our university. We dotted all the I's, and crossed all the T's," he said.

Arkansas' co-defensive coordinator and Plantation native Charlie Partridge helped in the recruiting of Collins, and said he talked to him several times today.

"I wouldn't put it in the terms of shocking. The thing about signing day is it's not a deadline, it's really just the first opportunity to sign," Partridge said.

Collins said during his interview that he'd never left Florida before his recruitment, so that may be one reason his mother is concerned about her son leaving.