Alexander Chief of Police Resigns

(KATV) The Alexander Chief of Police has turned in his letter of resignation. He tells Channel Seven the Mayor is micro managing and the Assistant Chief goes behind his back on decision about the department.

He turned in a letter of resignation in August and the Mayor asked him to wait.

An investigation reportedly handled by the mayor and assistant chief was the last straw for Alexander Chief Horace Walters. The letter of resignation dated November 19, 2013 reads in part, "Please show my last day at work as the Chief of Police in Alexander will be 11-20-2013. I have fulfilled all my goals and objectives upon my initial employment. I leave as I came, clean."

Chief Walters,67, came out of retirement to help the embattled city during the police racial profiling lawsuit three years ago.

Chief Walters accuses the assistant chief and mayor of conducting investigations behind his back. "I don't want to be around when the hammer falls, and the hammer is going to fall. My record is clear."

Derrick Jackson is the assistant chief. He was hired and promoted by Chief Walters. Jackson did not have a comment and the Mayor has not returned calls or emails to Channel Seven.

Chief Walters plans to spend more time with his four daughters and seven grandkids.

The Mayor has the power to promote Assistant Chief Derrick Jackson.

Some Alexander City Council members wished to remain anonymous but agree with member Brad Scott. He says quote, "The Mayor is on a plot to get rid of the chief and put her friend, Assistant Chief Derrick Jackson in his place. When we finally get financial statements, they don't add up. We need someone who knows how to do the job. She rules by intimidation."

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