Alexander Police investigating suspicious death

ALEXANDER (KATV) - Police continue to monitor the area around, 14916 Regency Drive, Alexander, Monday night, the scene of what police are calling a suspicious death.

"The Alexander Police department received a call for a welfare check," said Interim Chief Derrick Jackson.{} "Upon arrival we did find a body."

Jackson said police made the discovery around 2:00 PM on Monday afternoon.{} The deceased is described as a white male between the age of 60 and 70.{} Police aren't releasing his identity at this time.

Family came by the house Monday night, but did not speak to reporters.{} Neighbors also did not want to appear on camera but mentioned the man generally kept to himself, but say they haven't seen him in weeks.

An overdue water bill on his front door may be an indicator the man has been dead for a while.{} Neighbors mentioned they've seen the deceased person's white van come and go from his home, but it wasn't the man driving it.

Jackson said police aren't ruling the case a homicide yet.

"I have to wait for the report back from the medical examiner's office, but right now it's a suspicious death," said Jackson.

No word on how the man died.{} Arkansas State Police is assisting in the investigation.