Alexander police release new info on double shooting

Arkansas State Police are still investigating the death of two people that were shot and killed at a home in Alexander on Friday.Alexander police were called to the scene at 15300 Vine Street at 11:00 p.m.Upon arrival APD found multiple shell castings on the porch leading into the residence. Police confirmed that three black males pushed open the door and began firing into the home. The suspects left the scene in a 1998 white Chevy Suburban with 22-inch rims.Patricia Tucker was pronounced dead at the scene while Joe Dickerson was taken to the Baptist Health Medical Center. Dickerson died at 12:29 a.m.Director of "Stop the Violence" Walter Cochran said residents need to be more proactive about local crime."We need to be adamant about about our local crime just like we are against national crimes. It's time for us to come together so our streets can be safer for our community and for our kids so they can play in the neighborhoods again," Cochran said.William Owings and his family moved to Alexander five months ago. "It's a real quiet neighborhood...I haven't heard anything like that," said Owings. "We're going to be on alert."Arkansas State Police will continue to investigate.To share information with the Arkansas State Police, email