Alice 107.7 radio morning show host DC is back on air

Popular radio show host DCMcGhee is back on air after taking a break to go to rehab.

"Instead of going to thedoctor and doing the right things and making the right things happen I chooseto drink and the worse things got the more I drank," said DC on the Alice 107.7FM radio show Friday morning.

DC didn't show up for workone morning in December, launching a massive search.

He walked out of his atticlate that night saying he'd been asleep. DC shared on the radio Friday morningthat he had drunk himself into an alcohol induced coma.

When he checked into the hospital,he says his blood alcohol level was above .5.

"One of the things that Ifigured out about myself and that I realized is I keep a lot of strong emotionsto myself and I've always done that. It's kind of a character flaw. I did findout later why that is. That is because I was diagnosed as adult ADHD andslightly bi-polar."

DC says he's been soberfor four weeks straight as of Saturday.

"I'm telling everybody whowas concerned, angry, mad, whatever you may have been. {}I'm not asking for forgiveness today. I'masking for time to build my credibility back up. That's all I'm asking,"said DC.

To hear a recording of his return to theAlice 107.7 morning show, click here.