All three school districts vote yes to tentative desegregation agreement

PULASKI COUNTY (KATV)--A tentativedesegregation settlement is reached between Little Rock area school districtsand the Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel.

Butit took Little Rock, North Little Rock and the Pulaski County Special School Districtsto agree to move forward without having to go to court.

Bothboards voted yes to the agreement, which could end a 31-year-old desegregationbattle involving these three school districts.

SincePCSSD's board dissolved last year, only one piece of the pie was left tonightto move forward with this, and their spokesperson tells us Superintendent Dr. Guesssaid yes.

"Extremelypleased because this is something we've working for and we've had thisuncertainty that's been hanging over the district for a long time," said LRSDBoard President, Greg Adams.

"Everyone was basically ready to move pastthis stage and start operating without those funds," added NLRSD BoardPresident, J.T. Zakrzewski.

Allthree districts will lose millions in funds come 2018 when desegregationpayments come to a halt. However, the next few years will be spent planning andslowly transitioning.

"We'rereducing the number of schools, merging into one high school was to reducecosts, like I said one of the catalysts for that, we knew this funding would goaway someday," added Zakrzewski.

"We'rehoping to be able to make these changes overtime in ways that's it's not goingto have a negative impact," said Adams.

Underthe proposal the state would continue to make annual payments to funddesegregation programs. Little Rock would receive $37.3 Million, PCSSD wouldreceive $20.8 Million, and North Little Rock $7.6 Million through the 2017-2018school year.

Part ofthe agreement also authorizes the creation of the Jacksonville School District.

Thetentative agreement now goes to the legislative council and they will meet Friday morning.

The attorney general didsay today, regardless of any outside parties not approving of this agreement, hewill continue to move forward.