Alleged arsonist indicted for seven Forest Place Apartment fires

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Aformer apartment resident is accused of intentionally setting fire to severalbuildings, including the complex where she lived.

43-year-oldLacey Rae Moore pleaded not guilty in federal court today to arson.

Authoritiessaid Moore is responsible for setting seven fires; the largest one destroyedthe north building of Forest Place Apartments where she lived.

Webegan following this story when the first fire was set in February 2013. Since,a total of seven fires were set, one resulting in around $4 Million in damage.

A federalgrand jury indicted Moore in connection to seven separate, two of those injuredtwo Little Rock firefighters. {} {}

"Different people who kind of had suspicions about a few people who lived here,and this particular person was one of them," said 8-year resident Mark Carroll.

Moorewas indicted on five counts of arson, two counts of arson resulting in injuryand one count of possession of an unregistered destructive device.

Thelargest of the seven fires was on May 16th, it displaced more than 130 people.

"Thenight that the big fire happened, my immediate reaction personally was to grabkeys and wallet, and just hope that the fire got put out before it got to myend of the building, I was kind of on the west end of our building," addedCarroll.

A Facebookpage called "Forbidden Hillcrest" contains several posts, made by a woman witha similar name to Moore.

WhileChannel 7 couldn't confirm it's the alleged arsonist, one post says "Ijust wanna go home. FP was my home."

Anothersays, "They will never find the person who did it. I promise. Unlesssomeone was seen doing it." Afinal post, "If there are no witnesses, they can't convict anyone."

"Every timeI've heard a fire truck or a siren at night since then, I sit up," addedCarroll.

A detentionhearing is set for this Wednesday and Moore's trial is set for March 11th. Shefaces up to 70 years max in prison, with each count carrying a possible fine ofup to $250,000.