Alleged Arsonist Sued Apartment Complex for Fires


In May 2013, a fire destroyed 34 apartments and damaged the property of 150 people at Forest Hill Apartments. It was the largest in a series of seven fires that all began in a trash chute.{}With an attorney, Lacey Moore filed a class action lawsuit against the apartment alleging that it failed to provide safe living conditions and prevent the string of fires. In addition to suing the apartment complex, Moore posted her frustration on social media. She claimed the apartment was negligent in not putting up cameras and said it is a wonder that no one was injured. On Facebook she wrote that law enforcement will never find the person responsible and that accusing her friend of setting the fires was quote 'fighting words.'But, it was the location of the garbage chute to Moore's apartment and her posts to social media that caused law enforcement to take a closer look at her. She is now charged with five counts of arson, two counts of arson that caused injuries to firefighters and possession of an explosive device.In court, investigators said Moore admitted to setting some of the fires and possibly all seven, but said she was using drugs at the time, so she couldn't be sure. In federal court, the magistrate ordered a mental evaluation of Moore in a secure facility because of the danger she presents to the community and herself. That evaluation will also look at whether she was competent when she allegedly set the fires.The class action lawsuit now has a new lead plaintiff.