Nearly 300 vehicles stolen in 4 months in LR

Five cars were stolen in less than 24 hours last weekend. 275 cars have been reported stolen from May until August in Little Rock alone.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis from the Little Rock Police Department said none of the thefts happened in the same area.

"Those thefts that happened over the weekend did not happen in a concentrated area. They did happen within other areas of the city. We do want to let me people know it does happen," Davis said.

Jason Williams' car was stolen in February. Williams said he still hasn't heard from police about its possible whereabouts.

Someone took the wheels off of his 2010 Challenger then came back a day later and removed the entire vehicle on a flatbed truck.

"I stayed on the other side of the building. I wasn't on the front side where the parking lot was so there was no way I could have heard it happen," Williams said. "You don't know whether you are being targeted, you don't know if I have spoken to this individual before, you don't know if they are going to come back and break into my house next. You just don't know. It makes you paranoid."

Sgt. Davis said just because someone is found inside of a stolen vehicle does not mean they will be charged with stealing the property.

"Unfortunately that driver is only charged with theft by receiving, because he is in receipt of that stolen vehicle. It is not until we actually see them steal the vehicle that we're able to charge them with theft of property," Davis said.

To report information about a stolen car, call 501-371-INFO.