Always use the first stall & other tips for surviving the public restroom

Let's say we're midwaythrough the third quarter of the big game and it hits. Something you ate inpre-game or halftime just isn't sitting well and you have to make a trip to therestroom.

So you arrive and you findyou have options. So which stall do you choose?

Experts studied 51 publicrestrooms and they found that consistently the stall closest to the door wasnot only the cleanest but also had the most toilet paper.

Before flush make sure youstand up because every time you flush, contagious bacteria sprays up.

When drying your hands,always go to with the paper towel dispensers over the jet air dryers. Germsmultiply faster when your hands are moist. So if you really take the time todry them off completely when using the jet air dryer, it's about equal to usingpaper.

However, the reality ismost of us get impatient with the dryer and leave while they're still damp.

Another fun fact: Charlie Staggs,stadium manager at War Memorial, said they've discovered that at some events thestalls at the farthest end of the ladies room never even get used.