America's Roof Today

A Scott family says they have been hit twicefirst by a bad storm, then by a bad contractor.

First they were promised a new roof. Then they were promised a full refund. They have received neither.

A summer storm last year sent a lightning bolt through the roof of Bill Thomas' home.

Since then, his confidence in contractors has also been zapped.

For $500.00 Thomas got a roofer who was doing a project for his neighbor to temporarily patch up his roofa job he had already paid America's Roof Today more than $8,000.00 to do.

"They insisted since it was a special order that they wanted payment in full," recalls Thomas. "And that is how the insurance company paid them was with a check paid in full to them."

"How much?"

"$8,777.68," says Thomas.

At the time Thomas says America's Roof Today had a packet of positive referrals and a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Now the company has an "F" rating.

After months of waiting for his roof, Thomas asked for a refund.

"They agreed to refund me in fullleft me several phone messages that the check was in the mail," says Thomas. "Didn't get anything. No response. So I filed a complaint with the AG's office."

Company owner David Schumacher quickly issued a check for $2,000.00.

Schumacher also wrote a letter to the Attorney General that said that Thomas would "receive the remaining balance in as short a time as possible" and that "We will continue to make payments to him until the balance is paid in full."

"Buyer beware," warns Thomas. "I mean they took my money and now they won't even call me back."

And ten months after his pledge, Schumacher has not refunded anymore of Thomas' money.

It appears the company's office on Kiehl Avenue in Sherwood has been vacated.

According to the BBB the company used to be "America's Quality Roofing."

We warned you about that company in April of 2010.

Both companies have ties to Springfield Missouri.

Our calls to the company have not been returned.

Air date: October 23rd, 2012