Ammunition plant may not open near Argenta

North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith told the city council and residents at Monday night's meeting that a proposed ammo facility near the Argenta neighborhood in North Little Rock may be placed elsewhere.

The issue was pulled from Monday night's agenda.

City planners had already approved a location in the Argenta neighborhood for the new bullet maker to open its business. It hadn't been approved by the City Council.

Precision Ammunition Components wanted to open a facility in an existing building on 8th Street. Precision representatives said the company planned to test-fire 5 to 10 rounds every two hours at the warehouse, but that the building would have noise-abatement features to reduce sound.

Residents in the area have voiced their opposition to the location, worried about the noise that may come from the facility, and that property values may fall.

"From what I understand the owner of the business is reconsidering where he is going to locate it," Mayor Smith said.

He wouldn't say if the company is thinking twice because of the opposition from residents.

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