Ammunition shortage hits local gun stores

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A nationwide ammunition shortage has Arkansas gun stores eagerly awaiting their next shipment as customers continue to stock up, fearing the White House will push for sweeping gun control legislation.

Don Hill is a busy man these days. He can barely keep inventory on his shelves.

"We're selling everything," said Hill, owner of Don's Weaponry in North Little Rock. "Power, bullets, primers, guns, ammo."

The past three weeks have been some of the busiest in the popular store's 30 year history. It's so busy he has hundreds of thousands of dollars of worth of items on backorder.

"Three hundred thousand dollars' worth of stuff backordered," said Hill.

One of the hardest things to find is ammunition.

"I had built up a pretty good stockpile but we've pretty well done 'em all," said Hill. "We've pretty well run all of it out."

Shelves that were once filled with .223 and .23 rifle ammunition sit empty, with some shipments delayed indefinitely.

If a customer finds some, he or she may find the price on it has doubled.

"There's a lot of dealers out there that are really gouging people out there," said Hill. "And you know what, it's going to hurt them in the long run."

He anticipated guns and ammo to be in high demand once talk of gun control legislation made headlines, and when Vice President Joe Biden began a gun control task force.

"I had a feeling something like this was coming so I started preparing for it," said Hill.

Now his customers are not only arming themselves they're sending a message to Washington.

"Guys are saying, 'You're not going to take our guns,'" said Hill, '"there's going to be a fight.'"

A concern with a nationwide ammo shortage is how it could affect law enforcement agencies.

Several local departments say they've already purchased their ammunition for the year, and they're relieved they have.