Animals rescued from puppy mill ready to be adopted

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Dozens of puppies, dogs and cats are ready to be adopted after being rescued from a Jefferson County puppy mill.

We first reported this story back in February when authorities rescued 183 animals. Animals rescued from this puppy mill included dogs, cats, horses and even exotic birds.

Now, some of these animals are cleaned up and in need of a good home.

After spending their whole lives locked in cages breeding for a puppy mill in Jefferson County, 67 dogs and cats are finally ready to be adopted.

"A lot of these pets they don't even know what it means to be outside, they've lived their whole life inside, and we have to work with them and let them know that there's a life outside of a 3x3 cage," said Central Arkansas Rescue Efforts for Animals Executive Director, Jon Garrison.

CARE is one organization taking in several puppies, dogs and cats, but it's just temporary as they try and find these animals a new home.

"The little Chihuahua that we have, she's going to need someone that knows how to rehabilitate a dog," added Garrison.

The care needed for these animals will vary on an individual basis. While the animals here at CARE have been given all up-to-date shots, transitioning them into a better quality of life is what they'll need the most help with.

"All of the dogs part of the puppy mill they aren't all cute and cuddle fuzzy little puppies, these are dogs that have been through hell, they've been through hell and they need a lot of help," Garrison said.

If you can't adopt, but want to help, CARE is always looking for foster families to keep these animals until they find them a home.{}

The Humane Society of Saline County also has some of the animals, but those are not yet ready to be adopted.

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