Anne Pressly's parents hope to change privacy laws

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - It was four years ago when our former colleague Anne Pressly was viciously attacked in her own home. Her medical records were illegally accessed by three St. Vincent employees who all pleaded guilty and were given sentences.

Anne died five days after that attack and her parents say that's why a lawsuit against the hospital was thrown out. And they want to see the privacy laws changed.

The state supreme court heard arguments both for and against allowing a lawsuit by Pressly's parents against St. Vincent hospital to go forward.

Guy Cannady says the reason it was thrown out in the first place is because of an antiquated law that does not protect medical records of patients that die.

"What you have is an 1883 law being applied in the 21st century when we now have computers other electronic access to media, Twitter, Facebook, all sorts of ability to mine and search for data across the entire spectrum electronically that was not contemplated in 1883," said Pressly's father Guy Cannady.

Pressly's parents say no matter how the court rules they plan to do whatever they can to help change that privacy laws in Arkansas.

"It won't bring Anne back but it can certainly make things better. We need to bring the law up to date to protect all of us and all of our medical records. So that privacy doesn't end with death," said Pressly's mom Patti Cannady.

Patti Cannady says the loss of a child is bad enough and wants to help make sure that no other parent has to go through what her family has endured.

"I am so grateful to everyone in Arkansas for they're love and their kindness and their prayers and their support. And we are surviving. Our hope is in the Lord and we know that we will see her again one day and we'll all be dancing in heaven," said Patti Cannady.

St Vincent did not release a statement regarding today's hearing.

The supreme court is expected to make a ruling on the case in the next six weeks.

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