Annual Sales Tax Holiday Underway in Arkansas

Shoppers all around the state are taking advantage of the second annual sales tax holiday in Arkansas.

At The Toggery Children's Boutique in Little Rock parents were stocking up on all kinds of back to school items from clothing to footwear and school supplies.

Phil Olinghouse with The Toggery said, "In this day in time when everyone is trying to save a dollar this is a real opportunity to save some money on some large purchases that you really only have to make once a year. At The Toggery we have longer hours. We're open Sunday one to five Our store has been packed since early this morning so we look for a really big day today."

McCain Mall was also busy with shoppers happy to not have to pay state and local taxes on certain school related items and clothes.

Shopper Jodie Heslep said, "Shopping today with the savings it just allows us to buy more with what we've saved so maybe instead of getting two or three outfits with the savings we could probably get a fourth outfit so it allows us to buy more than we could on a normal weekend."

The sales tax holiday in Arkansas ends Sunday at 11:59pm. For a list of what is exempt visit