Anonymous Donor to make Christmas bright for 100 kids

Update: Rev. Benny Johnson says the women who donated the bikes does not want to be named but she is connected to the McDonalds on Geyer Springs and the one on Baseline.

(KATV) For some families struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, it's out of the question to make a big purchase for their kids on Christmas.

More than 100 kids in need of a gift this Christmas will get a bike, because of a generous donation by an anonymous donor. The bikes have been delivered to a Little Rock location where they'll be stored until the big day.

The bike drive is now held in memory of Vickie Coby who died two years ago. Christmas was her favorite time of year because, like Santa's helper she'd stay up all night tagging the bikes, getting them ready to deliver.

When it comes to fighting crime, he is one of Little Rock's most recognizable faces. For 21-years Rev. Benny Johnson has been the force behind the non-profit Stop the Violence. During the holidays, he works tirelessly to give kids in need at least one present, a bike.

A delivery worker says "Last one," as he hands a bike to a volunteer who says, "Thank you so much."

For the past seven years, Rev. Johnson has teamed up with Master Richard Anderson's Taekwondo Studio to collect bikes for kids.

Anderson says there isn't a dry eye when children get the new wheels on Christmas Day. "It takes me back to my childhood and it's a good feeling, great feeling."

Rev. Johnson says one family in particular keeps him motivated to continue. "The mom had a 6-year old son and the only things they had in the home was a 12-inch TV and a mattress on the floor."

It usually takes weeks to get donations but in one day, because of one anonymous donor their wish became a reality.

A volunteer gets the last bike off the trailer, "This is number 100 here."

Rev. Johnson says even though his parents had college educations, he grew up poor, but has great childhood memories. "People gave to me and I want to give back." He continues, "We just want to put smiles on kid's faces for Christmas."

School counselors and church groups give Rev. Johnson lists of kids in need. They average about 100 kids but this year there are 200-kids on the list and they are in need of about 90 bikes.

For more information on how to help, call Rev. Benny Johnson at (501) 541-1951 or Master Richard Anderson at (501) 375-5507. You can drop off bikes at Master Richard Anderson's Taekwondo Studio located at 5909 South University. It is in a back building on the Lander's Pre Owned property. They are in need of bikes of middle school age kids.