Another day, another announcement

Another day...another announcement, this time it was Arkansas House Majority Leader Bruce Westerman officially joining the congressional race in district four. Westerman made his announcement Tuesday in Garland County.

Westerman lives in Hot Springs and believes his home district (AR 22) will play a big role in the primaries. Last year, 22 percent of all primary voters for district four cast a ballot in Garland County. Westerman hopes for a home-town advantage as he faces current Lt.Governor Mark Darr in the Republican primary. As of now, Janis Percefull is the only Democratic Party candidate running in the race.

Though Westerman hinted for months at his interest in running for Congress, it wasn't until current District Four Representative Tom Cotton announced his bid for Senate that Westerman made his intentions public. Westerman said he's ready to start campaigning.

"When I was playing football, the coaches always said, 'You worry about your own game. You play your game the best you can.' I think we've got a good game plan. I think we'll attack this hard, and I'm ready to go," said Westerman.

Westerman says a priority will be repealing Obamacare. After initially supporting Arkansas's plan to privatize the federal government mandate, he became an outspoken opponent of the bill, saying the state hadn't spent enough time with HB1143 when it came up for a vote.

During his announcement Monday, current Lt. Governor Mark Darr criticized Westerman for that change, calling Westerman's actions and subsequent new legislation (HB1965) a, "CYA bill. It just covers your own rear."

Westerman said he heard about Darr's comments but brushed them off as campaigning. He went on to say the difference between him and Darr is that he has a voting record to run on, and one he is proud to stand behind during this campaign.