Derogatory cyber bullying page on Instagram draws hundreds a day, police investigating

HOT SPRING COUNTY (KATV) -{}Hot Spring county parents are outraged after a group uses a social media app to cyber bully dozens of high school students.{}Followers for the Instagram page are growing by the hundreds and now local authorities are getting involved.

Pamela Brewer's teenage daughter was devastated when she showed up on this local Instagram page with a name that is derogatory to women. She's since been taken off the page but the list of victims keeps growing.

"Girls we go to school with and some of them we don't go to school with. It's just all over," said Nafisah Morgan, a junior at Malvern High School.

It's a new controversial group targeting Hot Spring County teens and invitations to join aren't hard to come by.

"They were supposed to send one to everybody from local town areas around here," said Marcus Boles, a senior at Malvern High School.

The Instagram page was created on Tuesday by seventeen people. They're asking followers to send them photos of local students who they think are promiscuous as part of their top thirty countdown.

"It puts them down and like makes them feel like less of a person," said Morgan.

The group behind the page placed Pamela Brewer's daughter on the list.

"She was pretty devastated and she wanted to know what to do about it," said Brewer.

The picture was quickly taken down after Brewer threatened to tell police. But the page is still up and the countdown continues with more victims each day.

"[To] have that group think mode and start and start libeling defaming all this kids, these girls," said Brewer.

Most of the captions and comments under the pictures are appalling and too vulgar to share. But perhaps more disturbing is that some students we spoke don't seem so shocked.

"I think in a way it's cyber bullying but I mean, it's high school," said Boles.

Channel 7{}spoke to Hot Spring County authorities about this they have started an investigation with four other departments. They still haven't been able to identify the people behind the page but they are considering harassment charges among several others.

{}**Since the broadcast all of the photos have been deleted.