Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak & Grammy winner John Legend to speak in AR

Grammy Award winner John Legend andthe co-founder of what is now known as Apple, Steve Wozniak, are coming to Arkansas.

They will speak as part ofthe University of Arkansas at Fayetteville's Distinguished Lecture Series inApril. The speakers, who are known fortheir philanthropy and concern for education issues, were chosen by a committeeof students, faculty and staff.

Wozniak invented and builtthe Apple I and Apple II computers in the 1970s. He will speak April 7 at 7 PMat Barnhill Arena.

In addition to his work inthe music industry, Legend works to promote education, environmentalsustainability, and the fights against poverty and the spread of HIV. He willspeak on those issues as well as perform four songs on April 29 at 7 PM atBarnhill Arena.

The lectures are free tothe public and tickets are not required.