AR Ethics Commission releases hundreds of pages detailing Darr's expenses

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Thursday the Arkansas Ethics Commission released hundreds of pages detailing Lt. Gov. Mark Darr's expenses over the course of three years.

"There wasn't any criminal conduct," said{}Dan Greenberg, Darr's attorney. "There was some carelessness or sloppiness with respect to disclosure."

The several-hundred-page report released{}Thursday by the state ethics commission details how Darr spent more than $31,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses.

"There wasn't, in my view, any wrongful taking of money that he wasn't entitled to," said Greenberg.

And it's not that Darr wasn't entitled to the money he spent, according to this report, the problem is that he improperly spent his campaign funds on himself and not to pay off the $170,000 loan he took out. Darr insists it was all unintentional.

"Whether or not there's a violation doesn't really turn on the level of intent," said Graham Sloan, director of the state ethics commission.

According to the report, Darr improperly spent $1,500{}on four season tickets to Razorbacks games in 2011. Darr says he did end up ultimately paying for them himself. He also spent over $800 on a photography session, and fancy restaurants for fundraisers that never happened.

The Ethics Commission did fine Darr $11,000 for improper use of his campaign funds. We're told that'll be paid off by the end of the year. As far as that formal letter of resignation, his lawyer told Channel 7 that that'll be given to Governor Beebe sometime Friday.