AR Lawmaker gets death threat through Twitter

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Last week a state lawmaker made national news for a tweet that was thought to be insensitive to Boston marathon bombing victims. Monday, a tweet directed at the Speaker of the House, has Arkansas State Police investigating.

Since the shooting that seriously injured Arizona representative, Gabby Giffords, lawmakers and local authorities are not letting anything suspicious slide by without documenting it.

Davy Carter says, "A lot of things fly around the world of twitter, but that was certainly unusual."

Carter has been a member of the House since 2009, this year he was elected House Speaker.

He says, contrary to popular belief, the heated arguments are among constituents, not lawmakers. "It's very ironic because the members here treated each other with respect."

Sunday this tweet was sent out, directed at him, quote, "@davycarter is a very persuasive gun advocate, I'd like to buy a gun and shoot him with it."

He says, "I never felt threatened, made me mad. I probably responded inappropriately and regret doing that but I just want to make sure that our members don't have to put up with that kind of nonsense."

Carter says this year, members have received threats in all forms of communication and he's passed those along to police. "Everyone here, we are all regular people and to put up with that and to have to go home and feel threatened is just, I'm not going to accept that."

The session wraps up Tuesday. State police made contact with the person who sent the tweet. They say there is no reason to believe Davy Carter's safety is at risk.