AR A.G. Looking at Incarceration


The Arkansas Attorney General's office is getting actively involved in the case of an Arkansas man jailed in Louisiana.

The family of the man says he is a victim of stolen identity.

26 year-old Bryant Davis Jr. isn't due back in court until November 19th.

Both his attorney and the Arkansas Attorney General hope he won't spend another three weeks in jail if he is indeed a man wrongfully accused.

Bryant Davis Jr. is accused of cashing a phony payroll check at a grocery store in Bastrop, Louisiana even though his family says he has never been to Bastrop and the store manager says this photo looks nothing like the man captured by store surveillance video.

"Whoever did this has been wreaking havoc on his identity," says Davis' father Bryant Davis Sr. "They've been passing bad checks at several different stores in Louisiana. We feel like we've got evidence from video that would exonerate him from this. But we're slow to get that from the officials in Bastrop."

This week the Davis family is getting some help from the Arkansas Attorney

General's office, who on Tuesday contacted both the public defender and the manager of the store where the crime occurred.

It may be an uphill battle.

On Monday District Attorney Stephen Sylvester told us that he is focused on murder and rape cases and that an Arkansas man who may be wrongfully incarcerated in Morehouse Parish is not high on his priority list.

When told Davis was being represented by a public defender, Sylvester replied "I don't get beat by public defenders."

But maybe Sylvester will negotiate with the public defender.

It looks like Davis Jr. will soon have his bond reduced from $75,000 to $10,000.

After being jailed since early September...that's a welcome development.

Air date: October 29th, 2013