AR woman shoots to be most dedicated female hunter

ARKANSAS (KATV)--Twelve female hunters are in the running to be recognized as the most dedicated female hunter.

It's part of the 2013 PROIS Award Contest.

One of those twelve happens to be an Arkansans who has been hunting her whole life.

If Sheri Coker doesn't catch it or kill it, she ain't eatin' it!

While she may have not traveled several continents like some of the other finalists, she remains an inspiration to many Arkansas hunters.

"Unless we kill it or catch it and drag it back to the house, we pretty much don't eat it," said Coker.

Coker said she has hunted everything in Arkansas from mallards, to an 8-point buck, but she's not your typical 2013 PROIS Award Contest finalist.

"My story is written about how I grew up hunting and fishing in Arkansas and how I enjoy remembering the aromas coming from my grandmother's iron skillets, cooking my wild game," added Coker.

She credits her rabbit stew for finding her husband and new hunting buddy.

One of her most memorable moments, but biggest defeats was during a hunting trip in Idaho.

"We had had six hail storms, we had two feet of snow, the wind had ripped our tent to shreds," said Coker. "We were out in the woods looking for elk, I glanced in the corner of my eye, saw the biggest mule deer, the largest animal in the wild I had ever seen. I was out in the open with no chance to prop my rifle, I was so nervous, as I was trying to get a shot off, he jutted and went down a watering hole we didn't even know existed," added Coker.

The winner of the PROIS contest will get tons of hunting gear and a paid hunting trip to Africa.

To help our Arkansans win, or learn more on the contest: vote for Coker. Just use the drop down menu, sign up with your email, and confirm your vote.