Arbuckle Enterprises

Four people...looking for work...all respond to the same Craigslist ad and all get hired by the same company.

Now each is contacting you can guess things didn't turn out well.

Lots of effort was made...but no money was paid. That is the claim being made by a quartet of former employees of one North Little Rock business.

When we visited Arbuckle Enterprises at 7665 Counts Massie Road in North Little Rock, we wanted to ask owner Ken Arbuckle some questions about his company...mainly, why former employees are complaining that they weren't paid. Or if they were paid, the checks were no good.

No one answered the door.

"I believe that he is scamming people," says Jessica McClure of Cabot. "Making us believe that there is great job opportunities there for us and he keeps talking about the future and promotions and all this money that we can make. But when it comes down to it...he's basically scamming his employees."

Four employees who all say the same thing: they worked for Arbuckle Enterprises for three weeks...helping market point of sale electronic systems to small businesses...and everything seemed to be going well until payday rolled around.

"I've never dealt with a business that would pay me in cash," says Cory Spencer of North Little Rock. "I'm expecting a paycheck along with a pay stub with the taxes written off on the pay stub and everything."

This group believes they are not the first and won't be the last to respond to a Craigslist ad promising up to $36,000.00 a year to work for Ken Arbuckle.

"We know he is interviewing folks this week," says Bryan Castleberry of Little Rock. "We saw the resumes. We saw people getting interviewed. So...he's not going to stop until somebody stops him or al least makes his name so bad he's got to move into another state."

"I spent $400 in gas money and then I've done nothing but spread his name all over town," says Jared Carter of Maumelle. "And it made me look like a scam artist. And I'm an honest person. So I just want to stop anybody else that would fall under his trap."

I did reach Ken Arbuckle twice by phone today.

Each time he hung up immediately after I identified myself.

Air date: July 19th, 2013