Arbuckle's Week

It seems a North Little Rock man is now out of business.

What he hasn't been able to get out jail.

What started as a long day but is turning into a long week for one young entrepreneur.

A couple days after we first visited with a group of employees who said they were owed money by Ken Arbuckle, his building suddenly popped up for lease on Craigslist.

The problem with that's not his building.

The Craigslist ad was posted on July 20th, the day after we reported on Ken Arbuckle's trouble paying employees.

It includes multiple pictures of the inside of the building, even one that includes Arbuckle's car...detailed with Arbuckle's name.

It even has a blueprint of the building.

The price to lease the space...$2,500.00, $3,500.00 a month with first and last months due up front.

In other words...almost $10,000.00....collected by Arbuckle, not the owner of the building.

What the ad fails to mention is that actual owner of the building.

And it doesn't mention that Arbuckle was behind on his own lease payments and facing eviction.

On Thursday we asked Arbuckle about the Craigslist ad and specifically about the man who posted it...Dan Fischer.

We suggested Fischer was an alias.

"An alias? I would disagree with that," replied Arbuckle.

"So it's not?"

"I just told you I disagreed with that so if that's the case where you think that it is..." answered Arbuckle.

"So Mr. Fischer exists?"

"Mr. Fischer does exist," says Arbuckle.

"Outside of your mind...he exists?"

"OK....if you're going to assault me we'll call this quits," replied Arbuckle.

Hours later Arbuckle was arrested on hot check charges out of Sherwood.

On Tuesday we learned who he owes...and how much he owes them.

Regions Bank is holding nearly $20,000.00 worth of hot checks.

Former employees are claiming another $4,000.00.

And the 8th check, to Glass Pro, is for $850.00.

Bond for Arbuckle has been set at $25,000, which is about what his hot checks total.

He hasn't met it...and is starting his sixth day at the Pulaski County jail.

Air date: July 30th, 2013