Are political TV ads working?

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Less than 10 weeks remain until Election Day, and the flurry of campaign ads airing on public airwaves is getting bigger by the day. The 2014 campaign season is shaping up to be one of the most expensive in history. If you watch TV, you've most likely seen one if not both of these ads, but are they effective?

"No, it didn't persuade me either way, it seems to me that they are always attacking each other instead of applying to what the issues are, I wish they would talk about what they're going do to," said Chernale Kimbrough.

"It's helpful to see it, but just constantly it just seems like a bunch of bashing to me, when I see it just political bashing back and forth," said Roselyn Gillespie.

"The slinging mud at each other I think that's horrible, makes you not even want to vote for anybody," said Charles Hardy.

While the voters Channel 7 spoke with say these attack ads will not sway their vote, Hendrix College Political Science Professor, Jay Barth, said data proves otherwise.

"Advertisement moves peopleif it's matched by the other candidate, but if it's not matched, we do know it does move people and we see some of the polling results change," added Barth. "If one candidate is up for a couple of weeks while the other candidates dark or not advertising as much, we do start to see movement in the polls so it does work, it does resonate."

It's been a record breaking year for political TV ads in the Little Rock market, estimates show; $26 Million has been spent in political TV ads, but that number could go up if candidates choose to buy more ads.

The last record breaking year was in 2010, when around $16.5 Million dollars was spent.