Ark. DoD employees, businesses feeling furlough effects

Defense Department employees are now dealing with the reality of furloughs.
"Taking a hit in the pocketbook, definitely," said Brent Freeman, a budget analyst with the 22nd Air Force Reserve at the Jacksonville Air Force Base.
His lunch at No Name Deli, down the street from the base, is one of the things being cut back thanks to the 11 days of furloughs slicing just under $300 from each week's pay.
"We're just going to cut back on some of the niceties as far as eating out, some of the things we like to do," Freeman said. "Financially it's going to be quite a hit for us."
His unit is trying to make the best of the furloughs, one day a week, scheduling them on Fridays and Mondays.
But Freeman said the forced time off is hurting more than his family's activities.
"People will have to be ready to accept longer wait times in some offices due to some employees not being there," Freeman explained. "Productivity going down because you just don't have enough people there to get the job done at the same rate that you normally do."
Employees aren't the only ones feeling the cuts.
Some businesses around military bases are already seeing a cutback in revenue.
No Name Deli owner Suhad Filat has been in business for seven years.
In the last month, Filat said there have fewer customers as people have started to prepare for the furloughs.
This week has been the worst she's seen in seven years.
"People they want to save a little money so they have the Fourth of July and vacation, and kids, they going to be going to school next month," Filat said. "Everything costs a lot of money so they have to save some extra."
The furloughs are scheduled to go through September.