Ark. has 156 spans deficient, fracture critical

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The Associated Press reviewed spans listed in the National Bridge Inventory and found 7,795 listed as both "structurally deficient" and "fracture critical." In Arkansas, the state Highway and Transportation Department lists 156 of its 12,500 bridges under both criteria.

A bridge is "structurally deficient" when it is in need of rehabilitation or replacement because at least one major component of the span has advanced deterioration or other problems that lead inspectors to deem its condition "poor" or worse. A bridge is deemed "fracture critical" when it does not have redundant protections and is at risk of collapse if a single, vital component fails.

The table shows each route, the county in which it is located, what it crosses and its approximate location. For federal and state highways, the "Traffic" column shows the average daily traffic in 2012, based on figures from the state highway department. For U.S. 67 North in Randolph County, the traffic figure is for northbound and southbound vehicles; only northbound traffic crosses a bridge listed as structurally deficient and fracture critical.

RouteCountyCrossingLocationTrafficUS 67 NRandolphBLACK RIVER0.25 MI S US 6225,000US 70PulaskiSH 10,SH 100,RR,ARK RIVARK RIV -BROADWAY ST-US7024,000US 70PulaskiUNION PACIFIC RR & CK1 MI E OF ASHER12,000US 63LawrenceSH 25, BLACK RIVER1 MI E SH 1178,700US 79Monroe4 CITY STS, WHITE RIVER1.8 MI W SH 863,700US 79 BOuachitaOUACHITA RIVER1.08 MI NE JCT SH 72,600US 64CrawfordBIG MULBERRY RIVER1 MI E JCT 215 IN MULBERRY2,200US 67Hot SpringUS 67, UPRR & PINE STDONALDSON1,600Ark 226CraigheadBig Creek Ditch1.6 MI W JCT SH 3495,200Ark 7NewtonBUFFALO RIVER5.18 MI S BOONE CO LN2,400Ark 367JacksonWhite Rvr; RR, 2nd & Frt0.54 MI N SH 2242,200Ark 38PrairieWHITE RIVER1.0 MI E JCT SH 11 & 382,000Ark 140MississippiLittle Rvr, Lt Hnd Chute2.3 MI W JCT SH 771,900Ark 5BaxterProspect St,Norfolk Rvr.5 MI S JCT SH 3411,700Ark 124ConwayPOINT REMOVE CREEK.30 MI N JCT OF SH 213820Ark 23FranklinMulberry River1.20 MI S OF CASS760Ark 148MississippiNational or Ditch #61.1 MI W JCT I 55300Ark 77MississippiLT CHANNEL LITTLE RIVER0.8 MI S JCT SH 198270Ark 373PoinsettDITCH NO. 231.0 MI S SH 14270Ark 10Pulaski2ND STREETOFF RAMP I-30&2ND STRampJefferson St.Crawford3rd, 1st, & AR & MO RRVAN BURENNo. Roseville StLoganWEST CREEK0.12 MI N SH 22Fern DriveMarionBRANCH OF MILL CREEK1 MI SE YELLVILLE2nd St.PerryHAYDON BRANCHJCT 2ND AVE & SH 9N. Main St.PulaskiW 9TH ST & UPRRMain and 9th StreetOak St.YellKEELAND CREEK0.35 MI E JCT SH 10 & 7Arkansas Co. 83ArkansasElm Branch1.0 Mi E SH 130Arkansas Co. 86ArkansasHolt Branch Relief0.1 Mi N Willis McCallieArkansas Co. 72ArkansasCreek0.93 Mi W Jct SH 152Ashley Co. 811AshleyLittle Brushy Creek0.3 Mi N SH 52 N CrossettAshley Co. 811AshleyCreek0.7 Mi N SH 52 N CrossettBenton Co. 103BentonCREEK7.5 SO OF HIGHFILLBenton Co. 615BentonHICKORY CREEK3MI E SPRINGDALEBenton Co. 700BentonLIMEKILN CREEK3.0 MI W GARFIELDBenton Co. 98BentonWAR EAGLE CREEK5 MI NW BESTBenton Co. 1185BentonCREEK4 MI NE SPRINGDALECarroll Co. 30CarrollOSAGE CREEK3.17 MI SW JCT SH 103Carroll Co. 11CarrollOSAGE CREEK3.62 E JCT SH 103 CR11Carroll Co. 111CarrollOSAGE CREEK.01 MI W JCT CR 11&CR111Carroll Co. 85CarrollYOCUM CREEK528 MI E JCT SH 103Clark Co. 8ClarkNORTH BOAT DITCH.35 MI S JCT CO RD 76Clark Co. 8ClarkSOUTH BOAT DITCH1.1 MI S JCT CO RD 76Clark Co. 12ClarkMC NEELEY CREEK.25 MI W JCT SH 51 & 12Clark Co. 17ClarkDECEIPER CR.62 MI SW JCT CR 19Clark Co. 17ClarkWAGGLE CR.7 MI NE JCT CO RD 121Clark Co. 50ClarkDEGRAY CREEK.75 M W CO RD 30 & 50Clark Co. 477ClarkSOUTH BOAT DITCH.8 MI N JCT SH 53Cleveland Co. 308ClevelandSIXTEENTH CREEK0.21 MI E JCT CO RD 32Craighead Co. 513CraigheadLOCUST CK DITCH1.64MI E SH 135Crawford Co. 222CrawfordWEBBER CREEK4.86 MI EAST SH 220Crittenden Co. 24CrittendenZanone/Black Fish Bayou1.6 MI NE INT SH 147Crittenden Co. 320CrittendenLITTLE CYPRESS BAYOU0.65 MI N JCT SH 77Crittenden Co. 43CrittendenFLOOD DITCH0.75 M S INTER CO RD 16Crittenden Co. 5CrittendenDITCH NO 9.01 MI N INT US 64Cross Co. 86CrossPemiscot Lake Drainage3.9 MI N CO RD 86&SH 184Dallas Co. 229DallasBROOKS CREEK.49 MI N CO RDS 55 & 229Dallas Co. 438DallasWHITE OAK CREEK.10 MI SOUTH CO RD 43Desha Co. 68DeshaCanal No. 812.0 Mi W SH 4Desha Co. 327DeshaCanal No. 180.5 Mi E SH 159Franklin Co. 67FranklinMulberry River1/2 MI EAST OF SH 215Franklin Co. 93FranklinPond Creek1.15 MI SO US 64Garland Co. 433GarlandGLEAZYPEAU CR1.56 MI E HWY 227Garland Co. 79GarlandLOCKETT CREEK.6 MI N OR JCT SH 5Garland Co. 291GarlandPLEASANT RUN CREEK1.26 MI SE OF LONSDALEGreene Co. 49GreeneJOHNSON CREEK0.16 MI N US 412Greene Co. 162GreenePOPLAR CREEK.78 MI NO JCT SH 141Greene Co. 65GreeneLOCUST CREEK.40 MI WEST OF US 49Hempstead Co. 39HempsteadOZAN CREEK1.25 N JCT SH 29Hempstead Co. 42HempsteadMID FK OZAN CR0.64 MN JCT CO RD 22Hempstead Co. 55HempsteadLITTLE TERRE ROUGE CK2 MI N EMMETHempstead Co. 185HempsteadBLACK BOIS D'ARC CREEK2.25 MI SW WASHINGTONHempstead Co. 333HempsteadBRNH OF N FORK OZAN CR0.5 SW JCT CO RD 40Hot Spring Co. 69Hot SpringFRANCOIS CREEK.90 M S CO RD 69 & HWY 67Hot Spring Co. 149Hot SpringSTONE QUARRY CREEK.2 MI SO SH 51Hot Spring Co. 73Hot SpringNINE MILE CREEK.51 W OF US 67Hot Spring Co. 78Hot SpringCOVE CREEK.1 MI S JCT CR 77Hot Spring Co. 14Hot SpringPRAIRIE BAYOU1.5 MI SOUTH SH 84Hot Spring Co. 35Hot SpringSALINE BAYOU2.5 MI N CLARK CO LINEHot Spring Co. 74Hot SpringRAYBURN CREEK2 MI SW GLENROSEHot Spring Co. 324Hot SpringCLEAR CREEK4.5 MI W GRANT CO. LINEHot Spring Co. 20Hot SpringPRAIRIE BAYOU2.8 MI W CO RD 20&14Hot Spring Co. 22Hot SpringBRANCH OF CANEY CREEK1.5 MI NORTH CANEYHot Spring Co. 74Hot SpringCREEK2 MI SOUTH GLEN ROSEHot Spring Co. 47Hot SpringL'EAU FRAIS CREEK4.0 MI E. OF SH. 51Hot Spring Co. 13Hot SpringBlakely Creek2.45 Mi E SH 128Howard Co. 35HowardROCK CREEK10.5 M. WEST NASHVILLEIndependence Co. 58IndependenceBig Bottom Slough2.67 S SH 69Independence Co. 131IndependenceDEPARTEE CREEK2.14 MI WEST SH 367Izard Co. 7IzardEAST ROCKY BAYOU1.25 MI W SH 58Izard Co. 13IzardCAT CREEK2.6 MI SE SH 56Izard Co. 75IzardPOKE BAYOU1.9 S SH 58Izard Co. 21IzardBAILEY CREEK2.10 MILES SOUTH SH 56Jackson Co. 4JacksonCREEK.65 MI SE SH 367Lee Co. 2LeeCREEK1.3 MI E JCT CO RD 258Lee Co. 34LeeBIG CREEK.25 W JCT SH 259 & CR34Lee Co. 48LeeBIG CREEK.6 MI W JCT SH 259Little River Co. 19Little RiverFLAT CREEK2.6 MI SE JCT SH 234Logan Co. 64LoganSHORT MOUNTAIN CREEK0.45 MI W SH 309Logan Co. 568LoganDELAWARE CREEK0.37 MI SO SH 22Logan Co. 620LoganPETIT JEAN RIVER0.4 MI SOUTH SH 10Lonoke Co. 33LonokeINDIAN BAYOU1.3 M E SH15Lonoke Co. 552LonokeINDIAN BAYOU3.5 Mi E of SH 165 & 15Lonoke Co. 6LonokeINDIAN BAYOU2 Mi E of SH 15Lonoke Co. 20LonokeBAYOU METO3 MI N SH 165Lonoke Co. 32LonokeBAYOU METO1.6 Mi W of SH 381Lonoke Co. 225LonokeBAYOU METO3 Mi N of SH 165Lonoke Co. 32LonokeBAYOU METO2 Mi E of SH 31Lonoke Co. 67LonokeWATTENSAW.9 MI. W. SH 31Madison Co. 245MadisonKINGS RIVER.08 MI SOUTH SH 21Madison Co. 7MadisonFERREL CREEK1.9 MI SW JCT SH 23&CORD7Madison Co. 7MadisonWAR EAGLE CREEK1.0 M NW AURORAMadison Co. 270MadisonKINGS RIVER0.2 MI N JCT US 412Ouachita Co. 76OuachitaTWO BAYOU CREEK1.44 MI N JCT 76 & HWY 4Perry Co. 18PerryFOURCHE LA FAVE RIVER1.75 MI S JCT SH 60&CR 18Perry Co. 18PerryHOWELL CREEK.5 MI S JCT SH 10 & CR 18Phillips Co. 76PhillipsBIG CYPRESS CREEK.4 MI E JCT SH 1Phillips Co. 441PhillipsMISSOURI DITCH.3 NO JCT SH 44Polk Co. 37PolkTWO MILE CREEK RELIEF3.28 MI S OLD POTTERPolk Co. 37PolkTWO MILE CREEK3.21 MI S OF POTTERPolk Co. 37PolkTHOMPSON CREEK0.68 MI S OF POTTERPolk Co. 38PolkMt. Fork River3.10 MI W JCT 37 & 38Polk Co. 50PolkMCKINNEY CREEK0.26 M E US 71 & CO RD 50Polk Co. 76PolkOUACHITA RIVER2.65 M SW US71 & CORD 76Polk Co. 109PolkQuachita RiverACORNPolk Co. 288PolkBUFFALO CREEK0.85 MI N US 71Polk Co. 675PolkBIG FORK CREEK0.13 M NE OF SH 8 &RD 675Polk Co. 67PolkBIG FORK CREEK1.91 M S SH 88 & CO RD 67Polk Co. 285PolkSIX MILE CREEK0.03 MI S CO RD 34Polk Co. 624PolkBoard Camp Creek0.4 MI E JCT CO RD 57APolk Co. 94PolkMill Creek0.19 MI W JCT CORD 127Polk Co. 22PolkBUFFALO CREEK0.6 MI SOUTH SH 4Polk Co. 25PolkSIX MILE CREEK0.25 M E US 71 & CO.RD 25Polk Co. 31PolkSIX MILE CR5.69 MI N SH 246&CO RD31Polk Co. 17PolkHICKORY CREEK1.6 MI W U S 71Pope Co. 14PopeLevi Branch2.33 M NE Co Rd 14 &SH164Saline Co. 189SalineMIDDLE FORK SALINE RVR.1 M E CORD 57Scott Co. 18ScottFOURCHE LAFAVE RIVER0.78 MI SE JCT US71&CR 18Scott Co. 9ScottBlackfork Creek10.21 MI N US 71& CO RD9Scott Co. 31ScottROCKY CR.1.1 MI S. SH 80Sevier Co. 271SevierHALE CREEK.04 MI W JCT CO RD 47Sevier Co. 17SevierSTRING TOWN CREEK.2 MI E JCT CO RD 13Sevier Co. 304SevierBRANCH OF BELLVILLE CR1 MI SO OF LOCKSBURGStone Co. 283StoneN SYLAMORE CREEK0.45 SW SH 9 & 5Van Buren Co. 88Van BurenLinn Creek1.1 M SE Jct US 65Van Buren Co. 125Van BurenMd Fk Little Red RiverNW City Limits of ShirleyVan Buren Co. 610Van BurenN Fork of Cadron Creek1.13 M N Jct Hwy 124Washington Co. 35WashingtonW FORK WHITE RIVER0.05 MI W US 71Washington Co. 67WashingtonILLINOIS RIVER0.27MI W OF JCT SH 265Washington Co. 195WashingtonWEST FORK WHITE RIVER0.67 NO OF SH 16Washington Co. 214WashingtonIllinois River0.01 MI W OF SH 265Washington Co. 448WashingtonBush Creek0.39 MI S E CORD 11Washington Co. 84WashingtonClabber Creek3.73 MI N JCT SH 16White Co. 17WhiteMUDDY BAYOU.45 W CO RD 19White Co. 66WhiteLITTLE RED RIVER.25MI SO OF 385 @ JudsoniaYell Co. 49YellPETIT JEAN RIVER2.00 MI N JCT SH 10Yell Co. 49YellACHMUM CREEK0.40 MI E JCT SH 10

Source: Arkansas Department of Highways and Transportation.

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