Four Fraternity Brothers Accused Of Hazing Plead Guilty To Lesser Charge

RUSSELLVILLE (KATV) - Four fraternity brothers accused of hazing are pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

The men had been charged with battery but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of violation of hazing. Deonte Bradley, Stephen Bender, Calvin Williams and Klyantel Summons were sentenced to 90 days of probation.

The four paddled the victim so badly that his kidneys stopped functioning and he required weeks of hospitalization.

School officials say the incident did not take place at Arkansas Tech University, but rather in an off-campus apartment. They also say that of the four men who pleaded guilty in the case, only Deonte Bradley was an Arkansas Tech student. None of the four men are ATU students at this time.

The Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity has since been banned from campus.