Arkansan recently aboard Carnival Triumph said problem existed

Limited access to food and bathrooms along with the strong odor of sewage and spoiled food -- it doesn't sound like a vacation the more than 4,000 passengers aboard the Carnival Triumph hoped for.

A Cabot lady reached out to Channel Seven Tuesday, telling us her jaw dropped when she heard about it because she was on that ship two weeks ago and it wasn't smooth sailing.

"Yeah, I'll never go back, I'll tell you that," said Terri Mitchell of Cabot.

On January 27, the night before their cruise was set to leave Galveston, Texas, Mitchell along with a group of friends and family received a message from Carnival Cruises.

The automated email told passengers that it would board later than expected because the ship "experienced a technical problem with the ship's propulsion system."

"Oh yeah, it was bumpy. I never get seasick. I got a little seasick because they were working with I guess one engine," Mitchell added.

Mitchell said because of the ship's issues it only made it to Progresso, Mexico, and skipped the trip to Cozumel.

In a statement released exclusively to Channel Seven, Carnival Cruises states:

"(It) previously experienced as electrical issue with one of the ship's alternators. Repairs were conducted by an alternator supplier and fully completed on February 2. There is no evidence at this time of any relationship between this previous issue and the fire that occurred on February 10."

Mitchell thinks differently.

"I was just like 'Oh my God,' they knew about this problem; they knew the ship has a problem."

Mitchell said she only received a $50 cabin credit, even though it missed half the cruise they paid for.

People on the Triumph right now will receive a refund, credit for another cruise, and money back for all purchases on the ship except for the gift shop and casino.