Arkansans Deal with Massive Target Security Breach

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)-Target Stores announcedFriday that millions more of Americans were affected by the security breachthan originally reported. Target said 110 million customers were a part of thebreach.

Banks all over Arkansashave been issuing new cards to customers whose bank accounts may have beencompromised after shopping at Target.

Ashley King spends hermornings as the host of The Morning Routine with Ashley King on The Point 94.1.Yesterday she realized she too was a victim of Target's bank account breach.

"I was grocery shoppingand of course go through, they run all of the groceries through, i have afamily of five, so a huge amount of groceries to feed the family. They bag themall up, they're all in my cart and I go to swipe my card and it doesn't work,"King said.

The Arkansas Attorney General'soffice still doesn't know how many Arkansans were affected, but are stillinvestigating it. But so many across the state received new cards from theirbanks, leaving them to change and protect their banking information.

"Getting the letter Iwasn't completely surprised, but it's a little frustrating you think, gosh I'mgoing to have to go out of my way to go get a new card, but then I put theletter aside because it's right around the holidays and then got distracted forgotto go and get the new one," King said.

As Target announcesmillions more are now in that number of affected customers they're also sayingnew today that even more information was stolen in this hack, including mailingaddresses, email addresses, phone numbers and names.

But at Target in LittleRock Friday, neither the security breach nor the rain could keep away thoseshoppers.

"It won't keep me fromshopping at target but I will make a point to make sure I continuously check mystatements and make sure there are no unwanted transactions on my account,"said Chrystal Johnson.