Arkansans have won millions playing Powerball

Program Note: Channel Seven will have the live drawing of the Powerball numbers at 9:59 p.m.

(KATV, Source: ASL) As if $425 or $500 Million isn't enough, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) announced this morning that Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot has jumped to $550 Million. When the jackpot rolled last Saturday, the Lottery publicized a $425 Million jackpot for Wednesday. Yesterday, it was raised to $500 Million.

This morning, after consultation with Powerball officials, it was revealed that heavy sales have pushed more dollars into the prize pool, increasing the jackpot to $550 Million. Even at $425 Million and certainly at $500 Million, this jackpot was the largest in Powerball history.

In January 2010, there was a $25 million dollar Arkansas Powerball jackpot winner. According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, in three years there have been a lot of big winners who received life-changing amounts, including:

Five $1,000,0000 winners $ 5,000,000
Nine $200,0000 winners $ 1,800,000
Two $100,000 winners $ 200,000
Ten $50,000 winners $ 500,000
Twenty-two $40,000 winners $ 880,000

Eight $30,000 winners $ 240,000

Nine $20,000 winners $ 180,000

Fifty-six $10,000 winners $ 560,000

$9,360,000 + $25,000,000 = $34,360,000 in Arkansas

A spokesperson for ASL says that does not count the millions of dollars of lower tier Powerball Prize winners.