Arkansans hold candlelight vigil for victims of Connecticut shooting

People gathered Saturday night to offer their condolences and show their support for the families of these victims. And although this tragedy happened hundreds of miles away from here, these people say this senseless massacre hit home for them.

"Just utter shock and dismay I can't think of anything worse than having this happen," said Clair Haun, who attended the vigil.

"I cried," said Paul Myrick, who also attended.

"shock and my heart broke," said Becki Emerson, who planned the vigil. "There are so many children out there in need of a forever family and these children had their families and were taken from them for a senseless reason".

The reaction these Arkansans had to the senseless tragedy yesterday was similar to those throughout the rest of the country. And like many they found a way to show their support from hundreds of miles away.

"This has no boundaries I think there's people all over the world that are seeing this and its breaking their heart," said Myrick.

With so many children killed it didn't take much to imagine the pain of a parent or loved one.

"I have grandchildren, five grandchildren," said Myrick.

But those who attended offered their support because they were once given support after a tragedy. But like most tragedies this one reminded those who attended and others to never take for granted the ones you love.

"I just want to love them more and protect them," said Myrick.

This is just one of the many vigils being held around the country for the victims of this deadly shooting.